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The Iconic PSG x Air Jordan 4 Collaboration

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Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Jordan Brand teamed up in 2018 to create a groundbreaking collaboration that brought together the iconic basketball sneaker with one of the biggest football clubs in the world. The first drop from this partnership was the highly anticipated PSG x Air Jordan 4 sneaker in 2019, featuring PSG’s signature colors on the classic Air Jordan 4 silhouette.

An Unlikely Partnership Between Basketball and Football

The PSG x Air Jordan collaboration came as a surprise when it was first announced in 2018. Basketball and football (soccer) are two hugely popular sports with massive global followings, but cross-collaborations between the two were unheard of.

Jordan Brand had already established itself as the pinnacle of basketball sneaker culture, while Nike’s soccer division catered extensively to footballers and fans. Bringing these two powerhouses together opened up new audiences for both brands.

For PSG, partnering with Jordan gave them access to new markets, particularly in North America and China where basketball reigns supreme. The Jordan Brand cachet and retro silhouettes like the Air Jordan 4 gave PSG a way to engage with urban communities and streetwear enthusiasts.

Blending PSG’s Identity With the Air Jordan 4

The Air Jordan 4 is one of the most beloved sneakers from Jordan’s early years with Nike. Designed by Tinker Hatfield and released in 1989, the Air Jordan 4 became an instant classic for its innovative design. It was the first Jordan shoe to feature visible Air technology and had mesh panels, nubuck accents, and plastic wings that supported the ankle. Michael Jordan wore the Air Jordan 4 during the 1989-1990 NBA season.

When designing the PSG x Air Jordan 4, the goal was to blend PSG’s team heritage into the iconic sneaker silhouette. The main colors used were a Smoke Grey and Fire Red – similar to the iconic Jordan “Bred” color scheme but with PSG flair. The grey base represented PSG’s “smoke jerseys” while hits of red popped against the neutral backdrop.

On the heel, tongues, and insoles, the sneakers featured PSG logos and the Jumpman wearing a PSG jersey. This showed the mashup of Jordan Brand x PSG imagery. On the heel tabs was the phrase “ICI C’EST PARIS” – a rallying motto for the team meaning “This is Paris”.

Hype and Demand Around the PSG x Jordan 4

As soon as images of the PSG x Air Jordan 4 began circulating online, the hype surrounding the kicks took off exponentially. The sneaker community, football enthusiasts, and fashion crowds were all intrigued by this mashup. It represented the pinnacle of sport and street culture colliding in an unexpected way.

Given the limited quantities produced, the PSG x Jordan 4 immediately became one of the hardest sneakers to get your hands on. Hypebeasts and resellers started snatching them up, with aftermarket prices soaring to 4x or 5x above retail.

Lines started forming outside stores worldwide whenever new shipments of the PSG x Jordan 4 arrived. People camped out overnight or enlisted sneaker bots to try and secure a pair, but stock remained extremely limited. The frenzy only added to the energy and conversation around this historic collaboration.

Release Details and Where to Buy

The PSG x Air Jordan 4 first released in Paris exclusively at Nike’s Champs-Élysées store on January 23, 2019. Only 500 pairs were made available for this launch.

A wider global release at select retailers followed on June 8, 2019. Over 200,000 people tried entering an online raffle on Nike’s SNKRS app for a chance to buy, with only 20,000 slots available.

Given the mania surrounding this sneaker, shops like Stadium Goods and Flight Club are currently the only reliable places left to buy the PSG x Jordan 4. Expect to pay $500 or more depending on size. The average resale price is around $625 for a new pair at the time of writing.

On StockX, prices for the PSG x Air Jordan 4 range from $550 to $700 for most sizes. GOAT has prices ranging from $495 up to $800. Sites like eBay also have resellers listing the shoe if you don’t mind paying the premium.

Why the PSG x Jordan 4 Collaboration Matters

The PSG x Air Jordan 4 stands out as one of the most important sneaker releases of 2019 for many reasons:

  • It was the first design from the groundbreaking Jordan Brand x PSG partnership, setting the tone for future collabs between the two.
  • The hybrid design blended elements from basketball and football seamlessly, appealing to diverse audiences.
  • It achieved extraordinary hype and demand that exceeded almost every other sneaker drop that year.
  • As an ultra-limited release, it will go down as one of the most coveted and valuable PSG x Jordan co-branded products of all time.
  • It created a “perfect storm” of design, scarcity, and cultural relevance that made it an instant grail.
  • The PSG x Jordan 4 showed that two sporting giants could come together creatively and commercial successfully.

For sneakerheads, streetwear enthusiasts, and sports fans, the PSG x Air Jordan 4 collaboration represented the pinnacle of culture. It will be remembered as the starting point of an iconic crossover that gave Jordan Brand access to the massive football audience. In the years since, PSG and Jordan have gone on to release multiple new designs that have broken boundaries. But it all originated with the legendary PSG x Jordan 4.

Verdict: A Must-Have Sneaker Collaboration

The PSG x Air Jordan 4 delivered on all fronts. It merged two institutions seamlessly with a design that incorporated their histories and heritage. The limited quantities and pent-up demand made acquiring a pair one of the toughest sneaker challenges of 2019. For collectors and enthusiasts, it’s an essential pickup both for historical significance and style.

Even at resale prices, the PSG x Jordan 4 is a worthwhile investment. It’s an instant classic collaboration made more valuable by its scarcity and importance. As Jordan Brand and PSG continue innovating together, the “origin story” PSG x Air Jordan 4 will only become more iconic as the sneaker that started it all.

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