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The Iconic Metallic Purple Jordan 4 Sneaker

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The metallic purple Jordan 4 is one of the most iconic and coveted sneakers from Jordan Brand. Originally released in 2005, this shoe combines the classic Jordan 4 silhouette with a stunning purple metallic upper, making it truly unique and eye-catching. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the history and details behind this legendary sneaker.

Overview of the Jordan 4 Model

The Jordan 4 was first released in 1989 and was designed by Tinker Hatfield. It featured a number of firsts for the Jordan line – it was the first Jordan made outside of the United States, the first to feature visible Air technology, and the first to have lace locks. The Jordan 4 is known for its plastic mesh upper with supportive overlays, lightweight feel, and excellent traction. It also has a lower profile than previous Jordans.

When it debuted, the Jordan 4 was a huge hit and is still considered one of the most iconic Jordan models today. It was on the feet of Michael Jordan when he made “The Shot” over Craig Ehlo in 1989. The success of the Jordan 4 cemented Tinker Hatfield’s place as a legendary sneaker designer.

The Launch of the Metallic Purple Colorway

In 2005, Jordan Brand released a special edition metallic purple colorway of the classic Jordan 4. This was the first time the Jordan 4 had been given a metallic makeover. The shoes featured a bright purple metallic patent leather upper, a black midsole, and purple translucent outsoles.

The metallic purple 4s instantly caught the attention of sneakerheads and Jordan fans. The striking purple upper was like nothing seen before on a Jordan. The color paired perfectly with the Jordan 4’s shape and detailing. It provided a bold new twist on the classic model.

Details of the Metallic Purple 4

Here are some more detailed specifications of the special edition metallic purple Jordan 4:

  • Upper: The shoe has a patent leather upper covered in metallic purple with black and gray accents. The patent leather gives the purple metallic shade an extra glossy look.
  • Midsole: The midsole is black and provides a clean contrast against the bright purple upper. The visible Air unit in the heel provides cushioning.
  • Outsole: The outsole is translucent purple and features herringbone traction patterns for optimal grip on the court.
  • Lace Locks: The iconic plastic Jordan lace locks on the upper eyestays are white with a purple Jumpman logo.
  • Tongue: The tongue is made of black mesh with a purple Jumpman logo.
  • Inner Lining: The inner lining is purple with a spotted graphic print.
  • Cement Detailing: True to the Jordan 4 lineage, the metallic 4 features “wings” overlay panels and cement print detailing around the midsole.
  • Release Years: After the initial launch in 2005, the metallic purple Jordan 4 retro’ed again in 2015 and 2019 with slightly modified details.

Popularity and Reselling Value

The metallic purple Jordan 4 instantly became extremely popular and built up its reputation as one of the most coveted non-OG Jordan colorways. It combines sought-after metallic detailing with the Jordan Brand’s most popular silhouette.

On the aftermarket, the shoe goes for very high resale prices, a testament to its popularity among collectors and enthusiasts. Deadstock pairs can resell for $500 or more depending on the release year.

The combination of its striking purple metallic sheen, classic Jordan 4 shape, and limited availability makes it one of the most valuable non-original colorways on the sneaker market.

Notable Collaborations

The metallic purple Jordan 4 has been utilized in a number of popular footwear collaborations over the years as well.

In 2016, Aleali May collaborated with Jordan Brand on a women’s exclusive metallic purple Jordan 4 that replaced the plastic eyestays with woven laces.

In 2019, Jordan Brand and Levi’s teamed up on a denim-themed metallic purple 4 made with Levi’s denim that featured frayed edges and cream accents.

Most recently in 2022, women’s fashion brand Cactus Plant Flea Market put their spin on the shoe with mismatched metallic purple and teal uppers accented by their signature smiley face brandings.

The iconic metallic purple Jordan 4 continues to inspire fresh new iterations and collabs by footwear designers and creatives.

Significance and Legacy

The initial release of the metallic purple Jordan 4 in 2005 came 20 years after the original Jordan 4 made its debut. The shoe delivered a bold new look that excited both newer Jordan fans and OG enthusiasts alike.

The stunning metallic purple patent leather upper both paid homage to the Jordan 4’s classic design and also showed how the model could be reinvented in eye catching new color schemes. It helped cement the Jordan 4’s legendary status and proved it could still capture the sneaker world’s attention decades after its initial launch.

Now over 15 years since it first released, the metallic 4 still turns heads and inspires awe. Its striking color, premium materials, and connection to the most influential athlete of all time have made it one of the most famous Jordan Brand shoes of the 2000s. The metallic purple Jordan 4 will always be remembered as one of the all-time great non-OG colorways.

Where to Buy the Metallic Purple Jordan 4

The metallic purple Jordan 4 retro periodically rereleases during Jordan Brand’s calendar of returning retro models. When new pairs do drop, they quickly sell out at sneaker retailers and resell for high prices shortly after.

Some places sneaker enthusiasts can look to buy a pair include:

  • Directly from Nike’s SNKRS app during shock releases
  • At local sneaker boutiques during in-store Jordan retros
  • Large online sneaker retailers like Foot Locker or Champs Sports during wider releases
  • Resale sites like Stadium Goods and GOAT where aftermarket pairs are available

Buying a pair of these requires dedication, persistence, and often a willingness to pay resale prices. But for true Jordan fans and collectors, the hunt is well worth it for the chance to own such an iconic shoe.

Final Thoughts

The metallic purple Jordan 4 is truly one of the most legendary non-OG colorways ever created. Its instantly recognizable purple shimmer, premium details, and connection to the Jordan 4 make it a masterpiece in footwear design. This highly sought-after shoe will continue to be coveted by both seasoned and new sneaker collectors for generations to come. The iconic metallic purple 4 demonstrates how the Air Jordan line’s timeless models can be reimagined into fresh new colorways that are just as influential as the originals.

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