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The Iconic Air Jordan 4 Motorsport: A Sneakerhead’s Dream

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The Air Jordan 4 Motorsport is one of the most iconic and coveted sneakers in the Jordan Brand lineup. First released in 2006, this bold and stylish kick continues to excite sneakerheads over 15 years later.

An Introduction to the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport

The Air Jordan 4 Motorsport features a sleek black leather upper with blue and grey accents. The blue-tinted translucent outsole gives the sneaker an eye-catching pop of color. Additional details include a blue Jordan hangtag and bold white and gray piping on the upper.

The shoe was designed by the legendary Tinker Hatfield and was inspired by Michael Jordan’s love of fast cars. The colorway is a nod to the racing aesthetic with black representing tire rubber, grey as the smoke and road, and blue as the speed blur.

When the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport originally released in 2006, it retailed for $150. As with many coveted retro Jordans, the aftermarket price has steadily risen over the years. Today, a brand new pair can cost between $300 to $400 depending on the size. Used pairs in good condition generally range from $200 to $300.

The Surprising Motorsport Origins

The Air Jordan 4 Motorsport has an interesting backstory. In 2006, Michael Jordan owned a professional motorcycle racing team called Michael Jordan Motorsports. The team competed in the AMA Superbike Championship series.

To celebrate the new venture, Jordan Brand created the Motorsport colorway as a tribute to Jordan’s passion for fast vehicles. The Air Jordan 4 seemed like the perfect sneaker choice given its sleek racing aesthetic.

The Motorsport 4s were never actually worn by the motorcycle team. However, Nike produced limited quantities as a collectible collaboration sneaker.

Sneakerheads went wild over the bold blue hue and subtle racing details. The Air Jordan 4 Motorsport became an instant classic and remains sought-after today.

Why the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport Stands Out

The Air Jordan 4 is considered by many to be the greatest Air Jordan model ever created. Debuting in 1989, the Jordan 4 took the sneaker world by storm with its innovative design details.

Tinker Hatfield implemented several new features never before seen in a basketball shoe. This included visible air cushioning, mesh panels, and plastic wings on the upper.

Beyond just technology, the Air Jordan 4 was the first Jordan shoe released to the global market. It cemented Jordan Brand as a household name worldwide.

On top of the historic model legacy, the Motorsport colorway itself pops unlike any other Jordan 4. The blue tint is bold and instantly eye-catching. The mix of black, grey, and blue evokes speed and movement.

It’s no wonder that both OG and retro releases of the Motorsport 4 remain tough sneakers to obtain. The combination of the legendary Jordan 4 model and standout Motorsport colors is impossible for collectors to resist.

The Instant Pop Culture Significance

As soon as the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport launched in 2006, it developed a noteworthy presence in sneaker culture and streetwear. The blue accents and racing undertones merged perfectly with the emerging streetwear scene.

The Motorsport 4s were a popular choice among hip-hop artists, athletes, and celebrities in the late 2000s. Pharrell, Travis Scott, and DJ Khaled were just some of the major names spotted rocking Motorsport 4s.

On the court, Chris Paul and Carmelo Anthony wore the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport during NBA games. Skateboarders like Eric Koston worked them into their street uniform.

Over a decade later, the iconic Motorsport colorway remains embedded in pop culture. Contemporary stars like Travis Scott and Bella Hadid have brought retro Motorsport 4s back into the spotlight. They remain a staple in streetwear fits and influencer Instagram posts.

Where to Buy the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport

As an incredibly popular retro Jordan with historical significance, the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport can be difficult to obtain. Keep the following tips in mind when trying to track down a pair:

  • Check sites like StockX, GOAT, and Stadium Goods for resale pairs. Be prepared to pay above retail for new or used pairs in good condition.
  • Follow sneaker news sites and Jordan Brand social accounts to stay updated on possible retros. Keep an eye out for special collaborations using the Motorsport colorway.
  • Sign up for raffles or reserve apps when new Motorsport 4s are announced. Signing up early is key as spots fill up fast.
  • Visit consignment shops and vintage sneaker boutiques in your city. Well-worn pairs sometimes turn up at lower price points.
  • Set eBay alerts for new Motorsport 4 listings. Be wary of fakes and make sure to authenticate before purchasing.

The Air Jordan 4 Motorsport maintains its status as a grail-level sneaker for any collection. For sneakerheads, owning a pair represents an important piece of footwear history. Even with its legacy, obtaining a pair requires persistence and a true passion for sneaker culture.

The Enduring Legacy of the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport

Very few sneakers maintain relevance and hype over 15 years after initial release. The Air Jordan 4 Motorsport is undoubtedly one of those special shoes.

Its striking blue colors, racing heritage, and iconic Jordan 4 style create a coveted combo. The Motorsport 4 captures everything great about Jordan Brand and retired player sneakers.

As Jordan Brand continues releasing new colorways decades later, the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport remains impossible to replicate. For sneakerheads, it will always represent a peak moment in Jordan Brand history and streetwear cool.

The Motorsport 4 serves as a reminder of Jordan Brand’s ability to blurred the lines between athletic performance and cultural influence. As long as the sneaker community craves classic retro Jordans, the Air Jordan 4 Motorsport will always have a place in the conversation.

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